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Moonlight Chronicles

Join me on an epic adventure in The Moonlight Chronicles book series.

In Book 1, Luna and Emberly are thrust into a world filled with magic, decit, and betrayal. Now, I am excited to announce that Book 2 is in the works, and it promises to be an even more exciting adventure. Follow these two young ladies as they continue their travels and face new challenges.  Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of wonder and fantasy!

Cheap margaritas, a cemetery, and a full moon—what could possibly go wrong?



When Emberly Cavanaugh and Luna Derossi met in college, after what was a terrifying haunted-house experience, they never dreamed they would become such close friends. During their annual tradition of midnight margaritas in the local cemetery, mysterious lights set them on an adventure that they may never return from! Thrust into the world of magic, deceit, and betrayal, Emberly and Luna find themselves in the small town of Gallows Hollow. There they meet a widowed witch, Christina, who guides them as they begin their extraordinary journey back home, discovering hidden talents they never knew they had and finding friendships in places they never thought they would. With a ruthless witch on the loose searching for a young pregnant woman and stopping at nothing to get what she wants, it becomes clear that all of their lives are in danger. As time runs out, Emberly and Luna will have to fight to protect everyone and stay alive. In doing so, they test not only the bounds of their friendship but how far they are willing to go to protect it.

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